Alkaline Degreaser

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Sizes: 5 Litres and 20 Litres

Product Description

Concentrated alkaline detergent formulated to effectively and rapidly degrease and clean fats and oils.

  • Effective on all surfaces.
  • Alloys need to be rinsed within 5mins to prevent pitting
  • Can be used through a steam cleaner or water blaster. 

Extractor Vents; 750mls per sink of HOT water

Submerge in a strong hot solution leave for 10 minutes hose off.

Extractor vents should be cleaned regularly to be effective and easy to clean.

Floors; 250mls per bucket of HOT water

Rinse well. Use a two bucket system so the floor is not slippery.

Showers; 100mls per 1ltr water in a spry bottle

Heavy build up use undiluted

Spray on shower walls, doors and floors leave for 10 minutes, wipe down with a clean cloth rinse off well with water, for heavy build up use undiluted leave on for 20mins.