Sink Detergent

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Sizes: 5 Litres and 20 Litres

Product Description

NZSFSA Approved C31 (All animal product except dairy)
All food surface must be throughly rised with Potable water before use.

un-perfumed general-purpose detergent used for food processing areas of commercial kitchen. 2pumps (6- mls) per sink of HOT water.

manual dishwashing detergent suitable for both commical and domestic kitchens.

Cleaning of walls 1 pump( 30 mls) per 3 litres water.

wipe walls with a clean soft cloth to aviod scratching or damageing the surface.

Bench tops 1 pump (30 mls) per 3 litres water then thoroughly rise with protable water before use.

Suitable diluted for cleaning wooden surface 1 pump(3 mls) per 3 litres water.

Can be used as a fllor cleaner on light traffic areas, 250mls per bucket of Hot water.